The Television 2011.02.26


I... have been swallowed by my thesis. I still am. But because there are about a billion scans that I want to translate, I couldn't resist today. In the honour of the great Arashi-Kai that we now have  in DVD, I decided to translate another Arashi Kai, from a few years ago. It features Ohno falling asleep, Matsumoto buying pants as souvenirs, Ninomiya being mean, some Sakumoto love... and many, many other very cute details. I honestly loved it ^^ 

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Farewell, Miyama-sensei... 

He really was a loveable character, but since we never had any in-depths insights of him, I guess the producers don't especially want to go further with him and it will be the last season of the serie. :'( 

As a goodbye, here is a cross interview of Matsumoto and and Kimura (late in the week, because I've been lazy). The interview is divided into three segments, the first one being a discussion between the two, the second one being quite the same but they have a camera, and the third one being a very short "mock trial". 

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Myojo 2017.08.27

Hi, today's scan is an interview of Ohno and Chinen regarding their collaboration for Shinobi no Kuni. I saw the movie just recently and it honestly left me a bizarre impression... It's funny sometimes, and then you see dead children, and it's funny again, and suddenly you dive into politics and the ugly human nature... I can't say that I loved it, but I certainly didn't dislike it. It was in any case rather unsettling. 

On a completely different note, does any of you have scans of an interview of Sho-san alone? I noticed that I have plenty of scans for every member, except Sho-san. I'd be interested to read his words. 

Anyway, the interview below is nothing much, but it's still fun. Bye ~ 

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Johnny's Magazine v. 37

I'm one day late, but I'm here! 

A pretty interesting translation of young Arashi talking about when they feel like they are their "true selves". Once again, I'm not biased at all when I say: Ohno is the cutest. On Earth. 

The pictures are from the 2001 Summer Issue of Johnny's magazine (vol. 37). 

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Non-no 01-2018 Translation



I have decided to start posting here translations of articles about Arashi or other Johnny's. I hope that this way, I will be able to give back a tiny bit of all the happiness that Arashi and the Arashian community give me. It will also be for me a way to keep improving my Japanese ; please, tell me if you see any mistake. Same goes for the English language.

I don't know if I will be able to post regularly or not — at least until I finish my thesis, I probably won't have much time. 

On this words,


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