Unidentified, Members' photoshoot

Hi, another scan-translation today. 

The idea of this photoshoot is simple: each member has a camera and has to take photos of the other members, then he gives a title to each photo, and explains it in a few lines. 

I thought it would be fun, but this article is actually a bit boring :p Nino reaaally didn't make any efforts... At least we have MJ's story about Papa Sakurai and a cute Ohmiya moment.

I have no idea where these pics are exactly coming from. Given their hair and the fact that Sakurai is talking about a "14 year-thing", I assume it is 2013, but I don't know anything more. I also couldn't read one kanji, that was really blurry, for Nino's photo of Aiba (the second sentence). If anyone knows more about this magazine and has better scans, please, tell me

So, for example, on the first picture, you can see the photos taken by Ohno, which is why I wrote "Photos by Ohno". The title he gave to each photo is written in italic, with the member that the photo concerns in brackets. 

Those photos are from here

Photos by Ohno

(Sho) Ah... I didn't put the battery in...

Somehow he's doing a weird face, right? Why is that so? Ah, this is because the camera he's holding has no battery, actually, so he can't take any photos (w). He's been struggling with the camera for a while (smirk)  

(Matsumoto) Ah,today is Hey!Hey!Hey!

Well, that's because actually, after the shoot, we were going to a recording of Downtown-san*'s Hey!Hey!Hey!. But to be honest, I don't know if Matsujun was thinking about the recording (w).  

(Aiba) An amazing perm  

I love Aiba-chan' haircut. His hair look like leaves (w)! Don't you think that the atmosphere of that shot and his perm are perfectly matching and that it looks like a painting? This photo is a miracle.  

(Ninomiya) I'm so talented! 

I know it sounds like I'm praising my own skills, but it's because my subject was really good. No matter how you take him, Nino is the best. Maybe, since I love him so much, the photos convey this feeling (w). On the other members' photos too, Nino is good!  

Photos by Sakurai  

(Ohno) 14-years-thing

This face, he's doing it since Junior time. I haven't seen it for a while, so I'm happy to see it again! When I saw it I thought "This is this face!", and shot it in wide shot, but I was so happy that I also tried to take a close shot.  

(Matsumoto) Surprise!  

He's totally like "Ah!". I quickly shot him at a moment when he really didn't think he would be shot! His expression is the "Aaah!" of surprise for having been shot. It's a photo that created a crack in Matsujun! (w)  

(Nino) Close shot-2  

It's a close shot that feels like it's in motion, isn't it. The fact that it's a bit blurry is even better. You may think "but, who is it?", though. For me, the fact that I could just barely put the eyes and the mouth in the frame contributed to make this shot a real gem.  

(Aiba) Close shot  

According to Aiba, this is the face he makes when he's kissing someone. But, it doesn't look like it! He has a good facial expression, though. This face, obviously only Arashi members can see it!  

Photos by Aiba

(Sho) Mister Nadegata  

A unique shot of his back. Actually, like the title says, I wanted to show his nadegata (slopping shoulders), but in the end he hid it well. So, it's a shot I want to congratulate him for (w) 

(Matsumoto) Once in a while, please look at the camera!  

Here, Matsujun isn't thinking about anything in particular and is natural. His expression on this instant shot, when he wasn't conscious of the camera, is good, isn't it? But since it's on the page of a magazine, it would have been better if he could have looked at the camera.... (w)  

(Ohno) He's doing it occasionaly, this face

When Leader is, like, trying to focus on something, this kind of no-lips face appears. When he's creating something, for example. In this sense, it's a shot that is a real gem, because it seizes something that apart from the members, noone can see much.  

(Nino) I was too close, sorry

I try to take a photo while resolutely approaching him. In this kind of close shot, even the small details appear, but his skin is beautiful (w). I tried to highlight that with this photo.  

Photos by Ninomiya  

(Matsumoto) Matsumoto Jun-kun  

This is Matsumoto-san, taking someone in photo. His serious expression is really good, isn't it? It isn't often shot. Even though only one of his eyes appears... (w)  

(Sakurai Sho-kun)  

This is Sho-kun, who kindly agreed to look at the camera. There's no particular meaning in this close shot, but it's still good, right? Well, because everyone in Arashi is handsome, of course (w).  

(Ohno) Ohno Satoshi-kun  

Serious Leader. I didn't have any particular intention while zooming in, but it's pretty good in the end, I think. Isn't is good, that he's looking right at the camera? 

(Aiba) Aiba Masaki-kun  

This title, it frankly expresses what I saw (w). I chose it so that it would perfectly fit its subject (???). Aiba-san looks like he's looking at something far away...  

Photos by Matsumoto  

(Nino) Close shot 1

It isn't often that someone can take his profile from this close, I think. Somehow, this soft expression of him looks good, doesn't it? He may be doing this expression because it's one of Arashi members who's shooting him.... It's probably that!  

(Sakurai) Daddy with a camera  

Here is a dad who is enthusiasticly trying to take his family in photo, but who doesn't understand how it works and is in serious trouble. Doesn't he look like that (w)? It's a photo that is conveying the feeling of the recent times, when Sho-kun has been in charge of the photos of Arashi.   

(Aiba) Close shot 2

Noone can take a photo this close, I think. His face doesn't even fit in the frame (w). I thought that I might as well chose a composition that the cameramen usually can't get, so I took this.

(Ohno) Close shot 3  

This photo is really Ohno Satoshi-like, isn't ? Even if he's tightly pursing his lips, his drowsy eyes look sleepy... (smirk). Leader is often doing that kind of face, isn't he?  

*Downtown-san: the comic duo that was hosting the emission Hey!Hey!Hey


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