Myojo 1998.08 - Ninomiya

Another translation, because the last one left me frustrated. So here's a young Nino talking about his school life. 

The Old Man from Shinbashi  

Currently the character who is having a big break - but for Nino alone... - is the Old Man from Shinbashi (illustration below, on the left). 

"During a math test, I had some time left so I made a drawing of Takajima-san, from the Lawson CM. I arranged it a bit, put him in a suit, and it became this 'Old Man from Shinbashi'. Since it's the character that I currently like the most, I even draw it on the school's tables. It would be fun if he became as popular as Mickey Mouse, and an 'Old Man from Shinbashi-Land' was created ~". 

Uwah, it would smell alcohol! 

The Old Man from Shinbashi

School uniform  

"In my school, the uniform is a blazer. Since my dad taught me how to tie my necktie the day before the welcome ceremony to middle school, I'm quite particular about it. In the morning, I go out of the house and take like 30 seconds to quickly tie it, and when I arrive at school, I re-tie it properly in the toilet, in front of the mirror. It must take me about 3 minutes... For the filming of the Pino CM too, our outfit was a blazer. All the others asked the stylist to tie their necktie, but I did it myself."  


"After school, I have 4 friends I'm always going to play with. Yo-chan, Ookki, Takuto and Tsuchi. School ends, I come back home and go join them in the park right away. We talk while chewing Felix gums we've brought at the sweets shop in the neighbourhood. The five of us are the core members of the groupe, but there are times when we are as many as 12 people."  

The things he absolutely needs. "I'm good at kanjis. Except the kanjis for 'rose' and 'Soju', I can write anything." And indeed, there are here his Japanese language book and the pen that he loves.

During class

"Currently, my seat is on the second row from the side of the hall, and on the second row from the back of the class, so it's a pretty good place. I thought that, but actually during class, the moment I start talking with the people behind me, I get scolded 'Ninomiya, turn back !'. So I turn back at once, and after 3 minutes, I start talking with them again (w). But thanks to my talking (?), I haven't fell asleep during class even once! It's worth admiration, isn't it?" 

It is, isn't it?  


"All the teachers I had during my three years of middle school were good. But, even if we get along well,  they all ended up leaving for another school... My teacher of 2nd year went to a middle school in another district, and the one from my 1st year left for a Japanese school in Saudi Arabia! Will Watanabe-sensei, our current teacher, leave too!?"  

School regulations  

"In our school, there are many rules, it's rather strict. First, our hair can't touch our eyebrows nor our ears. The girls' skirts have to be below the knee, and the socks have to be above ankle and below calf. Morevoer, the boys can't color their hair..."

Is that rule really followed by anyone...?

 "Not at all !" 

At the welcome ceremony for elementary school (on the left): a time when he was crazy popular. He's beaming, isn't he lovely? This smile, is it his secret to get so many pieces of chocolate?

Record of the important moments of Nino's school life  

1/ For the Valentine's day in his 4th year of elementary school, he received nine pieces of chocolate. "It wasn't only from girls in my class, it was also from other classes, and even from girls older than me! Everyone was jealous of me, I was a hero, that day!"  

2/ In his 2nd year of middle school, he arbritrarily left school early: "I stayed in class until the 4th period, I went to lunch and then somehow I started wanting to go home... of course, the next day, I was summoned right away (w)."  

3/ "During my third year of middle school, I arrived too early at school, in the morning. So I sat on a bench in the park nearby, and drifted to into sleep... and then, when I suddenly realized what was happening, it was more than 10 am! In the end, I was very late!"  


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