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I have decided to start posting here translations of articles about Arashi or other Johnny's. I hope that this way, I will be able to give back a tiny bit of all the happiness that Arashi and the Arashian community give me. It will also be for me a way to keep improving my Japanese ; please, tell me if you see any mistake. Same goes for the English language.

I don't know if I will be able to post regularly or not — at least until I finish my thesis, I probably won't have much time. 

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I chose my first translation randomly. The article looked short, I had only 1-2 hours to do it, so yeah. It's not the most interesting thing ever. But we learn that Sho-chan, at some point, was into Kamen Rider, yay ~

More pictures and the original text can be found here (credit on the pics, same for the pics in this post ^^):

Ninomiya Kazunari, Sakurai Sho and drones

This time, what was waiting for Ninomiya and Sakurai was... a drone. Ohno had requested them to have a battle to decide who was the best at piloting a drone, so they decided to make a race. 

Nino is handling his drone dexterously and says with a broad grin: "I'm confident!"

"And I'm not feeling like losing!" answers Sakurai with a sarcastic smile, while making his drone fly high and then drop. 

Nevertheless, it ended in Sakurai winning with a time of 23 s. 38, against 32 s. 55 for Nino. Let's jump on the athletes right after the match! 

Sakurai: Uwaaah, me winning against such a strong opponent as Nino? There must be a mistake! 

Nino (with a painful expression): Fuu, you got me. 

S: But actually, when we confronted first in the normal way, I was completely defeated! Nino then said that there seemed to be a difference between our drones, and that therefore, we should race with the same drone. And right when we decided to measure our times, I happened to make it fly very smoothly, and I ended up winning! ^^ 

N: Sho-chan, your landing was beautiful too! I made a mistake in the turn.

S: But apart from that, your fly was perfect. Nino had already tried to pilote drones before, for a TV program, and he was SO good even then! Can you do it on the spot, instinctively? 

N: Yes, by instinct, somehow I can. 

S: As expected from you... I, on the other hand, don't have that kind of sense! I'm the type of person who needs to practice in order to be able to do anything. Anyway, it was really fun today to handle many drones. 

N: Indeed, it was interesting, because from really small ones to others with cameras, there was a great variety of them.   

S: I think that recently, more and more drones are being used to record things. To give an exemple of an Arashi thing, Power of the Paradise's PV was filmed by drone. This kind of pictures gives you a feeling of liberation that I like. 

N: I understand what you mean. I thought that the CM for JAL was impressive too. By filming from the sky with a drone, the scale automatically becomes bigger. 

S: Yes, and obviously, since we are far from the camera, we don't really know how the film looks, but we have to keep going anyway (ww). I wonder if from now on drones will become a familiar toy for children. 

N: It would be amazing if that happened! For our generation, it would have been...  the mini 4x4 cars things? 

S (nodding very much): Aah, it was sooo popular! For me too, and I was remodelling them. I think everyone in Arashi owned one!

N: Everyone was also crazy about anime, mangas, television... 

S: in my case, another kind of toys that I was treasuring a lot was the Sentai goodies. I especially remember the Kamen Rider belt. Even when I pushed the button, I could not transform, and I thought that it was unexpectedly hard to be a Rider, ahah.  

N: You'd have to remodel your body to do that, eheh ! Well for me, obviously, I was also playing video games a lot. I am still playing it though~. Sho-chan, since you became an adult, did you get caught into anything ?

S: Last year, I bought a camera that can film at 360°. Originally, I used it to take photos of the cast when I m filming a drama and there are many people to include, but now, I also use it during my travels.  

N: I think I just got pretty attracted to drones...  

S: That's good... Watching talented people making drones fly is the best, ahah! Since it's you, you could maybe even aim for a real race !  

Next week Nino choses the theme for Sakurai and Matsumoto ! He chose Futsal. Why ? « Should I make those two exercise a bit... eheheheheh (grinning). Since they both have experience with soccer, I chose Futsal ! I m hoping for some invigorating photos !  

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